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Dried spinach

Dried spinach

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Spinach is, as a rule, an annual plant with a height of 25 to 55 cm. Persia is considered its homeland. This plant selects countries with a temperate climate in Central Asia, the Caucasus and southern regions of Europe. In spinach leaves found a huge amount of various nutrients. This unusual plant has found its wide application not only in cooking and medicine, but also in cosmetology and perfumery.

Regular use of the leaves of this remarkable plant prevents the development of such a serious disease as hypertension. The herb perfectly strengthens the blood vessels, quickly reduces inflammation and swelling due to its powerful diuretic effects. Spinach is indicated for the full restoration of the thyroid gland and the central nervous system. It is able to cleanse the body of toxins, replenish the supply of essential minerals and vitamins, normalize the process of digestion, and also boasts a strengthened immune system.

Homeland spinach - Persia, where he came to Spain along with the participants of the Crusades. After some time, spinach spread throughout Europe and became one of the favorite vegetable crops due to its precocity and versatility of use.