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Dried Basil

Dried Basil

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Basil is truly a wonderful plant that can decorate any dish on your table. This spice is used both fresh and dried. Basil makes more delicious pies and sausages, cooked at home. It is added to almost all Mediterranean dishes. It is also great for marinating zucchini and cucumber, creating real cooking masterpieces. Fans of tasty and healthy food appreciate it for an unusually rich taste, which is characterized by a variety of shades: hot, spicy, with the aroma of camphor and the taste of black pepper. The calorie content of dried basil is 213 kcal per 100 grams.

Useful properties of dried basil due to the high content of essential oil, so that this seasoning has found its place not only in cooking, but also in medicine.

The benefits of dried basil
The use of dried basil is beyond doubt, if only because it has properties that are very similar to the actions of antibiotics. This spicy herb helps to solve many problems associated with inflammatory processes of the internal organs, skin and eyes.

Naturally, it is best to use basil for the prevention of many diseases. But if you are not lucky and you still get sick, remember that this miraculous plant will come to the aid of respiratory infections, high fever, asthma and headaches.

More recently, scientists have established the use of dried basil as a natural defense against radiation, as well as its effects. It serves as an effective means of non-traditional treatment of various tumors, due to its anticarcinogenic properties.

Summarizing, we can say that regular use of basil will help you to avoid all the aforementioned ailments and will give a chance to preserve long youth and the health of the body as a whole.