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AGROWIDE™, despite of being a young establishment, has already proved to be a reliable wholesale partner. The company was registered in  Uzbekistan. Since its foundation, our company is involved in multilateral business activities. We have a mission to contribute to the development and expansion of an export potential in the fruit, vegetable and as well as natural oils produced by the method of cold pressing.

Масла холодного отжима в Узбекистане

We mainly specialize in supplying the world market with high quality agricultural products, fresh and dried fruits grown in Uzbekistan. We collaborate with large companies dealing with output, as well as the medium and small retail salesmen. Today, we have long-term relations with foreign countries such as U.S.A., Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey, China and others. We can also set up the import and export agreements with foreign companies at the request of a client.

The company has its own production of fruits and vegetables, including dried products, located in Margilan City. The output is sold for export via the founded Trade House “Generous Valley Trading” in Kazakhstan or via the Trade House in Russian Federation, as well as directly to other countries of the world.

Our production line allows us to consider all the needs of clients, and sort out any commodity on the basis of an individual order. Every product has a certificate of quality which provides the customer with ecologically pure, natural and useful product. Our outlet and office are located in Tashkent as well as outside, which significantly simplifies the process of legalizing, loading and shipping the output. The staff of highly trained workers will offer a guaranteed effectiveness, comfort, mobility and quality of service. We hope that you will enjoy the cooperation with us, and the quality of our goods will meet your demands.

Our products are: apricot, water melon, quince, eggplant, grape, cherry, pomegranate, melon, verdure, zucchini, cabbage, strawberry, lemon, onion, carrot, cucumber, pepper, tomato (tomato paste), red radish, radish, turnip, iceberg salad, beet, plum, pumpkin, cauliflower, sweet cherry, garlic, apple, peach, string beans, beans, mung beans, rice, corn, etc.


Dried products are: dried grape raisins, dried apricot, dried sweet cherry, dried pear, dried apple, dried peach, dried cherry, dried black plum, mixed dried fruits (compote), dried melon, dried carrot, dried cabbage, dried onion, dried potato, dried beet, dried eggplant, dried pepper, dried tomato paste, dried dill, dried parsley, dried fig, oleaster, dried pomegranate, dried pumpkin, salted apricot stone, dried cilantro, dogrose, dried cauliflower, dried zucchini,coriander  seed, dried basil , dried hawthorn, dried mulberry, dried currant, dried raspberry, dried strawberry, dried barberry, dried olive, roasted sesame, dried quince, dried mountain cherry, dried sunflower seed, dried cucumber, dried turnip, black seed (sedana), black pepper, dried sweet potato, dried spinach , dried “tarhun” (estrogen), dried pastinaca , etc.

Dried grape