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Plum oil

Plum oil

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Plum seed oil or plum oil is highly valued among fans of culinary experiments, who do not get tired to discover for themselves more and more new taste sensations inherent in the long-beloved dishes. However, it is absolutely not necessary to be a true gourmet to appreciate the excellent taste properties of plum oil.

You will definitely be fascinated by its delightful aroma of bitter almond, which gives the food and cosmetics a subtle, seductive fragrance. Due to the high content of vitamin E, plum oil boasts antioxidant properties and the ability to effectively protect human skin from aging.

Natural plum oil is made from the seeds of the fruits of plum trees, which are carefully dried beforehand, after which this valuable product is extracted from the core of the drupes. As a rule, real plum oil is produced by cold pressing - this method of manufacturing ensures maximum integrity of natural components. Being unrefined (crude), plum oil retains most of the nutrients contained in the raw materials.

The taste of plum oil is not inferior to many other valuable products of a similar nature. It has a rich almond flavor, which is set off by fruit notes and marzipan shades with a bitter almond flavor.

Such properties of plum oil determine its importance in cooking, where it is often used as an excellent dressing for a variety of hot and cold dishes. Even a small addition of plum oil gives a light almond flavor to ready-made foods. Most often, plum oil is used as an addition to some dishes based on fish (including sushi).

It is also known that natural plum oil can act as a necessary ingredient in the development of desserts and bakery products. Due to a rather high degree of combustion (180 degrees). Real plum seed oil is great for frying.

The composition of plum oil contains up to 92% of unsaturated fatty acids, which in turn include linolenic (Omega-3), linoleic (Omega-6) and oleic (Omega-9). Meanwhile, saturated fatty acids are represented by palmitic and stearic, the percentage of which is negligible.

In addition, the composition of this useful product contains a vitamin series: A, E, F, B, C along with trace elements such as potassium, iron, copper, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Due to such a rich composition, plum oil can be used as an effective therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

The curative properties of plum oil are in its therapeutic and prophylactic action for the cardiovascular system. In addition, its regular use contributes to the purification of the body through the removal of toxins and improve metabolic processes. For the skin, this oil is also useful, because it perfectly nourishes and moisturizes damaged skin, refreshing the complexion.