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Oil of a walnut

Oil of a walnut

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Walnut oil is obtained from its kernels by cold pressing. It has an incomparable and mild walnut flavor.

Calorie Walnut Oil
The calorie content of walnut oil is 898 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition and beneficial properties of walnut oil
Walnut oil is an excellent dietary product (calorizer). It dramatically lowers the content and effect of cholesterol in the blood, reduces the risk of cardiological diseases of middle-aged people, contributes to the removal of radionuclides from the body, contains a record amount of vitamin E, tones up greatly and increases the body's defense.

This is a great way to lose weight, which is recommended to take daily.

Walnut oil increases the body's resistance to radiation, removes radionuclides from the body, has an antitumor effect. It is of great importance in the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, liver disease and metabolic disorders.

Walnut oil is recommended to use when

  • chronic arthritis;
  • wound healing, burns, ulcers and other skin lesions;
  • chronic colitis accompanying constipation;
  • rehabilitation treatment after heavy surgeries and injuries;
  • diabetes mellitus (calorizator);
  • treatment of ulcerative diseases of the intestines and stomach.

The use of walnut oil in cooking
Walnut oil is recommended for gourmet salads, crispy fried and grilled.